Conservation through innovation

Feral cats have driven many mammals and some birds to extinction and potentially threaten a further 139 species in Australia.

Conservation of threatened species is increasingly important for the public, governments and corporations. The Thylation Group, established to develop, incubate and commercialise conservation-oriented innovations, is the only Australian company operating at the interface of engineering design and applied conservation. Thylation’s goal is to become a world-leading provider of conservation tools for a market urgently seeking solutions. You have the opportunity to be a part of this.

Our first initiative is the Felixer, a field-validated automated tool that for the first time allows feral cats and foxes to be controlled without exposing wildlife or pets to traps or toxins. Combined with powerful data analytic capabilities, the Felixer is a feral animal control platform with capabilities and cost-effectiveness far beyond any methods currently available.

More information is available in this pdf document.

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