Felixer2 weeks ago

Our new Felixers are almost all ready to leave the production line at Applidyne. We'll be delivering 80 to our customers located all over Australia in the next few months.
Thanks to the 57Films team for the photography.

Felixer3 weeks ago

Supported by federal government funding we are ramping up production of the Felixer Grooming Trap. Thanks to Environment Minister Sussan Ley and her team!
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Felixer4 weeks ago

If you got up early today you might have caught John Read, Founder of Thylation and inventor of the Felixer, on ABC Radio's Australia All Over program. You can catch the interview starting at about 2min20sec in https://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/australiaallover/australia-all-over-highlights-podcast/12610368

Felixer1 month ago

Thylation Founder and Felixer inventor Dr John L Read and Environment Minister Sussan Ley MP talking about cat trends in Australia.

Yahoo News Australia
They’re one of Australia’s most popular household pets but it turns out they’re playing a big part in causing multiple extinctions.

We spoke with Environment Minister Sussan Ley MP and Felixer inventor John L Read about cat trends in Australia.

Video by: Michael Dahlstrom
Felixer2 months ago

The Directors of Thylation group of companies have appointed Diana De Hulsters as General Manager (0.6FTE) based in Adelaide. She can be contacted on felixer@thylation.com