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Feral cats have driven many mammals and some birds to extinction and potentially threaten a further 139 species in Australia.

Conservation of threatened species is increasingly important for the public, governments and corporations. The Thylation Group, established to develop, incubate and commercialise conservation-oriented innovations, is the only Australian group of companies operating at the interface of engineering design and applied conservation. Thylation’s goal is to become a world-leading provider of conservation tools for a market urgently seeking solutions. You have the opportunity to be a part of this as a donor.

Our first initiative is the Felixer, a field-validated automated tool that for the first time allows feral cats and foxes to be controlled without exposing wildlife or pets to traps or toxins. Combined with powerful data analytic capabilities, the Felixer is a feral animal control platform with capabilities and cost-effectiveness far beyond any methods currently available.

You can donate to the Thylation Foundation, which will use funds and partnerships to enable the incubation and availability of ethical products or systems to improve conservation outcomes.

A donation through the form on this webpage will be used for general purposes of the Foundation, leaving the project funding decision to the Board and Gift Fund Committee (to be established in 2022). Some funds will be allocated to governance and management of the Foundation to enable the support for new or optimised conservation innovations.

Past donations have supported Felixer for fire relief.

Felixers provide targeted and effective protection of threatened species from feral cat and fox predation in fire-ravaged habitats.

Setting Felixer in dunnart refuge Kangaroo Island

Setting Felixer in dunnart refuge Kangaroo Island

In December 2019 and January 2020, 95% of the habitat of the Endangered Kangaroo Island Dunnart was razed by bushfire. Kangaroo Island Land for Wildlife (KILfW) identified small remnant patches of unburnt habitat and located surviving dunnarts at one location. With two loaned Felixers two feral cats were successfully targeted in the first 2 nights. These cats were likely to be efficient hunters because they evaded capture from 26 baited traps. Since the fires, Felixers operating in the core Kangaroo Island Dunnart habitat of the firegrounds have removed several feral cats.

“All 8 radio collared feral cats that were sprayed by Felixers in a Kangaroo Island trial last year died, that’s why we were so keen to use them to protect our last few dunnarts. It would only take one of these feral cats to wipe out these last individuals of the species” said Pat Hodgens of KILfW.

Sandhill Dunnart

Sandhill Dunnart

When 10,000 ha of Secret Rocks Nature Reserve, including one third of the Mallee Refuge predator proof exclosure, burnt in early January 2020, Felixers were quickly installed to reinforce the damaged fence.

Mallee Refuge landowner and Thylation director John Read said “We are confident that Felixers will help protect our endangered Sandhill Dunnarts and Malleefowl from fox and cat predation because Felixers eradicated feral cats from Mallee Refuge. Additional Felixers would protect the reserve and also to target cats and foxes invading the unburnt refuges along bulldozed fire tracks”.

The burnt Mallee Refuge that protects dunnarts and malleefowl

The burnt Mallee Refuge that protects dunnarts and malleefowl

Felixers have been proven to be highly targeted (1) and efficient (2) tools to control feral cats and are safe for native wildlife. Felixers have been trialled in all Australian states and are already protecting rare rock wallabies, quolls, bilbies and other threatened species at many sites.

Felixers can provide ongoing management of feral cats and foxes along fire breaks, fire access tracks through dense regenerating scrub and specially constructed ‘burnlines ‘ that simultaneously manage fire and feral predators.

“Funds are urgently required to manufacture additional Felixers for current and future fire-ravaged habitats around Australia to help protect our endangered wildlife” says Elaine Bensted, CEO of Zoos SA and director of Thylation Foundation.

(1) Read, J.L., Bowden, T., Hodgens, P., Hess, M., McGregor, H. and Moseby, K. (2019). Target specificity of Felixer grooming ‘traps’. Wildlife Society Bulletin 43: 112-120.

(2) Moseby, K.E., McGregor, H. and Read, J.L. (2020) Effectiveness of the Felixer Grooming Trap for the control of feral cats: a field trial in arid South Australia. Wildlife Research

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