Save Australian wildlife with Thylation.

Feral cats have driven many mammals and some birds to extinction! They potentially threaten a further 139 species in Australia.

Thylation Foundation seeks funds to develop and access conservation technology.

Thylation aims to become a world-leading provider of conservation tools for complex environmental challenges.

We led with the Felixer – a field-validated automated tool that for the first time allows feral cats and foxes to be controlled without exposing wildlife or pets to traps or toxins. Combined with powerful data capture and analytical capabilities, the Felixer technology enables sustainable and ethical pest animal control for circumstances where conventional tools are unfeasible or not permitted.

Past donations supported Felixers for fire relief on Kangaroo Island.

Felixers provide targeted and effective protection of threatened species from feral cat and fox predation in fire-ravaged habitats.

In December 2019 and January 2020, 95% of the habitat of the Endangered Kangaroo Island dunnart was razed by bushfire. Felixers operated by Kangaroo Island Land for Wildlife in core dunnart habitat within firegrounds, including two donated by Thylation Foundation, targeted 74 feral cats in the first 18 months post fire.

“All 8 radio collared feral cats that were sprayed by Felixers in a Kangaroo Island trial died, that’s why we were so keen to use them to protect our last few dunnarts. It would only take one of these feral cats to wipe out these last individuals of the species” says Pat Hodgens of KILfW.

“Funds are urgently required for Felixers for current and future fire-ravaged habitats around Australia to help protect our endangered wildlife” says Elaine Bensted, CEO of Zoos SA and Director of Thylation Foundation.

Help us save Australian wildlife

Thylation Foundation seeks funds for their priority projects under the two guiding themes of Research & Innovation and Conservation Management. 

Research & Innovation

Project 1: Thylation Foundation seek expressions of interest from inventors to support the development of novel conservation innovations.

Target: $200,000

Project 2: Support the Foundation’s contribution to the development of Felixers with improved AI technology for enhanced cat/fox recognition, telemetry for data transfers, and Bluetooth blocking to safeguard pets and working dogs.

Target: $250,000

Project 3: Support the Foundation’s contribution to the development of ADIMA Safepet cat registration system to enable pets to be reunited with owners and Councils to manage cat containment guidelines. Such a system could significantly increase the amount of Australian wildlife saved from domestic cats.

Target: $150,000

Conservation management

Save more Australian wildlife through partnering with conservation organisations to provide Felixers to protect threatened species or other priority wildlife projects.

$8,100 will provide the Foundation’s contribution for 1 Felixer for 1 year.

Target: $500,000

You can donate to Thylation Foundation, which uses funds and partnerships to develop ethical conservation management products and systems to save more Australian wildlife. Contact [email protected] or 1300 234 816 to discuss your considerations for funding support.

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